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Xcode, versioning, build scripts

Scouring the interwebs for the “right” way of building and versioning for an iPhone app has been, let’s say, fun.  There are so many variations of how to do this.  I *think* I’m narrowing in on using a combination of … Continue reading

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Oh, *that* permissions area

It’s always like this getting to know a new environment.  I was trying to add the INTERNET permission to an Android project — there are two places to do that, from what I could tell — but *this* is the … Continue reading

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Getting started with Android on Snow Leopard

Some notes as I tinker around with Android….might help others. Here are the detailed install instructions (which are totally key for a newbie)…. Reviewing the system requirements: Just unzip/untar, and add to Applications folder Hoping I have JDT … Continue reading

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