Xcode, versioning, build scripts

Scouring the interwebs for the “right” way of building and versioning for an iPhone app has been, let’s say, fun.  There are so many variations of how to do this.  I *think* I’m narrowing in on using a combination of Fraser’s “From Hacker to microISV” scripts for prepping for ad hoc distribution and Aral’s packaging script for actual distribution.  I think it’s better to have the script in place as opposed to doing it manually with “Build and Archive”.  I am also considering incorporating Fraser’s build script into a Hudson build step, but have to think some more about the interactions of Hudson, agvtool, and git.  Not sure that the version incrementing is appropriate with Hudson, and Hudson seems like it may be overkill considering the scripts above.

Here are the links that ultimately have helped the most:

Aral Balkan’s Ad Hoc Packaging Script — initially, I thought this would incorporate the xcodebuild step as part of it, but it appears to be solely for packaging.  It seems pretty comprehensive, and has the especially important dSYM copy step.

From Hacker to microISV — btw, I’ve learned that Info.plist has been changed to <product name>-Info.plist, so you’ll want to tweak his script to accommodate.  I’m also working through whether I want to follow his lead on using a “build only” clone of my project’s git repo.

And, some good background & orientation:

Easy iPhone App Versioning

Cocoa, Hudson CI, and Xcode

How to Automate your iPhone App Builds with Hudson

Stackoverflow question on command line builds


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