Rails on Mac OS X Tiger

Some notes from getting Rails configured with NetBeans and Mac OS X Tiger (10.4).  These were areas where I got stumped for a bit.

* If you have lost your OS X 10.4 DVDs download X11 here Install X11 on Tiger without the Tiger install DVD | Chris Martin
* Really, if you're following the instruction from step one, make sure the mysql socket file is actually typed /tmp/myslq.sock, and not /tmp/mysqld.sock
* There's currently an issue (2/19/2009) running the subversion macports command, db46 does not quite work because of a checksum error.  There is a way to fix the port manually, but got way to involved for my taste.  Instead, I installed the collabnet version.  This doesn't seem to work with netbeans and using a username/password combo w/in netbeans, but you can always do it outside of the IDE.  UPDATE: I ended up fixing this by manually applying the patch here: https://trac.macports.org/ticket/18515#comment:9
* When setting up the database.yml file, you need to add "socket: /tmp/mysql.sock" for the Rails environment to find your mysql database for dev, test, and prod sections.  I lost at least 3 hours because of this and addning the stupid mysqld.sock name instead of mysql.sock.

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