Tocai Friulano

Well, it's been ages since I blogged about wine — well, since I blogged.  Travel, family, work, all that fun stuff has gotten in the way!  (Aside, if only Vox had blogging client support, and twitter didn't get my blogging urges out).  In any event, I've been curious about Tocai Friulano ever since I watched Gary's Episode 471.  So, here goes.  I picked up a couple of these recently, and already drank one (which was pretty awesome — good mouthfeel, but also enough acidity to make it work with food).  I'm trying the 2006 Latisana Tocai Friulano — produced by Anselmi Giuseppe e Luigi.  (Note: as of 2007 vintage, Tocai has been dropped from the name. Hat tip to Gary's episode!)

Color: Straw, resembles a sauvignon blanc, getting closer to chardonnay
Nose: Mineral, peach, apricot — hrm, maybe some vanilla.  Some nice barnyard qualities… 😉  Getting some more floral smells as I taste it.  Actually, almost has some lily overtones.
Mouth: Definitely some wet stone, apricot again.  A lot drier than the other Tocai I had over the weekend, but hangs on reasonably long.  Probably in the 30s to 1 minute range, so that's not shabby.
Well, that didn't take long, but definitely want to keep sampling Tocai.

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One Response to Tocai Friulano

  1. Karyn German says:

    I tried a Tocai for the first time this weekend at Osteria Marco.

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