Why the echo chamber matters

It's unfortunate that there are many among us who poo-poo Twitter, Seesmic, etc as the "echo-chamber".  I think this is a new version of anti-intellectualism that — for some unknown reason — has not left American discourse.  The main utility of these new forms of debate is really to allow a more free-form intellectual debate among our citizenry — but wait, this is actually not limited to American borders — rather, this is a global phenomenon.  The "echo-chamber," of course, is Silicon Valley but not in reality, only metaphorically.  It's those techno-geeks, with time and bandwidth to spare, that endlessly debate.  The reality, however, is that we live in societies that are constantly on-the-go, disconnected, and distracted.  These services help us talk asynchronously by compressing the debate into consumable chunks of time.

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