2006 Domaine LaFond Roc-Epine Lirac

It's been a while since I've blogged a wine!  I've been wanting to try out some Rhone whites, and explicitly tried my first one a few weeks ago…the E. Guigal 2005.  I enjoyed it a lot.

Ok, here goes on the Domaine LaFond as I grill up some poulet:

Color: light straw — similar to a sauvignon blanc

Nose: Big aroma coming out even before I've actually stuck my nose into the glass.  I'm getting some pear, light pineapple, mineral/wet stone, some vanilla (french oak), actually a good amount of oak coming through as it sits.  Time to grab the chicken…while the chicken is resting…  huh, more mineral, followed by oak.  Not particularly fruity on the nose now.  Mimi's smelling green pepper first.

Mouth: Medium bodied.  Again, mineral transitioning into some nice acidity, and hanging on there.  Seems like the oak is at the front of this wine, transitioning to acidity, then mineral.  Really sticks around for a while.  Funny, I'm getting some kind of kick at the end that is almost basic/alkaline (in the chemistry sense).

Well, there you go!  I really like this wine.  It's going to go really well with food.  Maybe not quite the sit on the porch on a hot day white, but a lot more interesting than the Barefoot Chardonnay I had a glass of last night.

Update: This Lirac is Grenache blanc 60%, Viognier 20%, Roussanne 10%.

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2 Responses to 2006 Domaine LaFond Roc-Epine Lirac

  1. Mimi says:

    Yeah, but the Barefoot Chard is in a whole different class (ie, purchased at Super Target in a moment of curiosity).

  2. MEK says:

    That's very interesting. i have been buying and drinking Lirac for the last few months. Really tasty wine. I have combined it with foods mostly (meat dishes). Agree, its like SB. Plus reasonably priced for something this good coming out of the Rhone valley and E. Guigal.

    By the way, love the new blog look.

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