Back from vacation

Some highlights from our recent trip to Puerto Vallarta:

  • Um, eating cricket tacos and the mole sauce at El Arrayan
  • Canopy tour with ziplines — nothing like endangering your life in a second-world country!
  • Some Cuban cigar samples — Cohiba, way to strong; Partegas, much better
  • View from the Vista Grill
  • Seeing dolphins from the deep-sea fishing expidition — only in Mexico can you get away with a company named Master Baiters – cool owner, retired Boeing engineer


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One Response to Back from vacation

  1. Mimi says:

    Dude. Don't forget about Barcelona Tapas.Yummie!!! Now, if I could only remember the fabulous white wine that Allison kept ordering (and ordering and ordering). 🙂

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