Coffee brewing fun

As some of you know, I've been in to coffee for a few years now.  Having a kiddo and now another has slowed down my ability to use my vacuum pot to make great morning coffee.  Recently, I've been using the Cuisinart Brew Central, since it's got that handy morning timer.  (A small aside…coffee really should be brewed at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit and the grinder counts for as much as the brewer.  An advantage of living at 5280 feet, the significance of which will be come apparent below, is that water boils right about 200 degrees.)  Back to the Cuisinart, like most brewers sold in the world, this brewer can only get the water temperature up to about 178 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yes, I measured.  My previous solution, when I had time, was to use a Bodum vacuum pot.   These pots make a super smooth cup of coffee, but the whole process is about 15 minutes — 'cause you have to boil the water.  It's also somewhat perilous when you have a toddler who likes to try to climb on the kitchen counter!

So, as a little present to myself, I ordered a Technivorm coffee brewer (KBT-741), which by all accounts is pretty much the only coffee brewer that brews coffee to the right specifications.  Should be here on Thursday!  The bummer is that I ordered some Direct Trade coffee (forget about fair trade, direct trade is the new, new thing in coffee) from Terroir in Boston that won't arrive until Monday.  (A recent article in the NY Times covers some of the new business models around coffee trade, including Direct Trade.)

Some direct trade roasters include Terroir and Intelligentsia, really interesting entrepreneurs behind these businesses.

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One Response to Coffee brewing fun

  1. JA says:

    Dude when you bringin it in to work? I will volunteer to be the baristo! Keep us posted on what you think.

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