Chateau du Donjon 2005

I picked this up at Merchant de Vino (aka Whole Foods wine shop here in Colorado) when I was looking for some Crozes Hermitage or Saint Joseph.  They didn't have either of those, but said this was similar and  reasonably priced.  I'm currently drinking my second bottle (well, not consecutively), since I liked the first bottle so much.

Full label says Grade Tradition, and it was bottled by Jean Panis Vigneron a Bagnoles in Aude, France (though not clear where the heck that is on this map).  (Link to the producer) (Link to 2005 Vintage)

Nose: Cherry, berries, hints of rasberry

Color: Ruby, clear, not overly dark

Mouth: Ripe cherry, light-to-medium body, similar to pinot noirs, not particularly tannic, but nice balance between sweetness and acid.  Only complaint is that the flavors don't linger very long

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  1. MEK says:

    Ashley, having not found the correct function to post a photo via a comment, I have left you a response here

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