Versus channel ads during TdF coverage

Feel like a bit of an old fart writing this, but I'm annoyed by Versus showing ads for ultimate fighting genre shows (cagefight, tapout) during Tour de France coverage.  If it was just me watching the TdF, I'd be fine with it, but my daughter is also watching.  Seems to me that it's fine for Delaney (who LOVES bicycling on her tricyle) to watch the premier cycling event in the world.  It's 6:30am, is showing some guy kicking and hitting the shit out of another person appropriate when the TdF is pretty much "family-oriented" sport?  Not to mention the tapout ad that has some guy flicking off the camera.  Yeah, it's all shades of gray — I watch (American) football with her too and that's pretty violent too — but not the same rawness that exists in the ultimate fighting genre.  It's also my choice to watch football — it's not my choice what ads are pushed out to me.  I do have TiVo, I could back up for 30 minutes and fast forward through the ads.  Guess that's what I'll have to do.  (Aside: TiVo, can you please extend the timeslots for TdF?  Every single stage recording seems to end 10 miles before the finish.)

From an advertising perspective, is there really an overlap in demographics for TdF watchers and ultimate fighting watchers?  Here's one person who wishes Versus was still OLN.

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