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9 Responses to 7/8/2007

  1. MEK says:

    Perhaps plummy and spicy.
    With the syrah grape there could be hints of pepper and maybe cloves.
    Was it oaky, vanilla smells?
    If you like St Joseph, try Hermitage (Crozes Hermitage is yummy).

  2. Ashley says:

    MEK: Yes, it was tasty. I don't recall any strong oak smell. I tried this at a friend's BBQ, which is why I didn't write anything about it. This wine's hard to get in the US from what my friend told me.

  3. MEK says:

    I hadn't appreciated French wines were difficult to get over there. Of course. Rhone – it’s certainly a great region, less popular which means better value for money. Are Bordeaux more accessible then? I guess the good range of Californian wines covers the demand and works nicely with the range of cuisine. On a separate note, arh, perhaps you can help me out; I am looking to marry wines with bbq. Any thoughts? http://ginfizz.groups.vox.com/library/post/6a00cdf7e8d474094f00d4144f02b13c7f.html

  4. Ashley says:

    MEK: There are lots of French wines that one can buy in the States. I think that it all depends on the production size, and from what I was told this particular one was hard to get in Colorado. As for the BBQ, I've been more into Spanish wines lately perhaps a Grenache or Tempranillo? I'm not encyclopedic when it comes to vineyards, but if you can get a hand on some you should definitely try Elyse (http://www.elysewinery.com/) Petite Sirah or Zinfandel.

  5. MEK says:

    Thanks. Really helpful.
    Am becoming a real fan of Rioja these days. I appreciate your selection of the grenache and tempranillo. The spicy, oak flavours. Am not so familiar with petit sirah. The little research I’ve slipped in suggests these are quite tannic. Am familiar with European styles, tannic wines are almost a given. I know I have not familiarized myself enough with Zinfandel; thus far, I am quite overwhelmed at its fruitiness. Not a bad thing I am just not sufficiently well acquainted or well versed. I took a quick look at Elyse; interesting flavours – spicy and peppery. I’ll look further.

  6. MEK says:

    P.S. Do you think storage and temperature could have an effect on the range of wines available in Colorado?

  7. Ashley says:

    Altitude might, but probably not the temperature. I know in some cases for bottled water, companies like Whole Foods have stopped using glass bottles because they were breaking up here.

  8. Ashley says:

    MEK: I tried a Crozes-Hermitage the other day, and it was pretty good, but I really don't think it was something to judge other same-appelation wines. I wonder if you might make a recommendation of a particular Chateaux or lablel? How inexpensive or expensive are these?

  9. MEK says:

    I tend towards Jaboulet or indeed St. Joseph and usually pay between £9 – £15.

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