Places to go in denver

Some friends are getting married later this summer, and had a great idea to recruit their local friends to list out their favorite stomping grounds in and around Denver.

  • Strata Bar: Dowtown Denver's newest hotel has a great view from the bar on the 25th (or so) level
  • Mexico city: Want some greasy, but oh so yummie, tacos? Head to Larimer and 23rd.
  • Mt. evans road: Drive up past 14,000 feet and visit with mountain goats.  Bring your jacket.
  • Peak to Peak Highway: Peak to peak highway between Nederland and Estes Park above Boulder.  Beautiful drive.  Stop at Gold Lake for some clothing optional hot tubbing in Ward.
  • Parisi: authentic italian (like from the motherland) food.  Fast casual style upstairs and fine dining downstairs. My wife almost cried when she tried the calzone.
  • Kaladi bros coffee: Down by DU (West a couple of blocks from Evans and University), great lattes…try an espresso from the custom built espresso machine
  • Trompeau bakery: Super French bakery, across from Kaladi Brothers…closed on Sundays.  Pain au chocolat and croissants are excellent!
  • Original Chips and Noodles: Since Denver's known for it's burgeoning fast-casual dining scene, visit the original Chipotle a hop, skip, and a jump from Kaladi.  The original Noodles is back up in Cherry Creek North (3rd and Josephine — pretty much University) — they've remodeled since the original 50s deli-inspired design.
  • Bonnie Brae ice cream: On your way to DU on University, stop at Bonnie Brae Ice Cream.  Nostalgia abounds.  Go on an evening, and wait in line, feel like you're in the 50s.
  • Mad Greens at art museum: If you feel inclined to visit the new Denver Art Museum Hamilton Wing (of Liebskind fame), take lunch at Mad Greens across the courtyard.  Great new fast-casual salad concept.
  • Table 6: Great American haute cuisine.  Unique, and not ridiculous, wine list, and Aaron makes great recommendations.
  • Morrison Inn: Want a margarita the size of your head?  Head over the the Morrison Inn, which is a restaurant.  Food's okay, but right near Red Rocks Park, and a great patio to relax after a hike or bike along the foothills.
  • West End: Used to have the best rooftop view in Boulder, until real estate prices got insane, and a condo went up next to it.  I hear you can sit at the very back of the roof, and still admire the Flatirons with a Fat Tire.
  • Rio: Want a margarita that will lay you flat on your back?  The Rio Grande in Boulder or Downtown Denver makes a notable margarita that will, well, set you back a few paces.  They limit you to two or three — hard to keep count.
  • Listen to KUVO: While you're driving around to all these places, turn on KUVO (FM 89.3), which is Denver's (and the Nation's) top Jazz station.  You can also stream over the Internet to get prepared!
  • Sushi Den: At Pearl and Louisiana (a few blocks south of Louisiana), which you can take Light Rail to now, really impressive sushi.  Lots of our friends ask — what? sushi in Denver, I'd rather die first — try it, the same friends from the coasts say it's better than at their ports of calling.
  • Jack n Grill: A family owned New Mexico-style food establishment.  Tacos barbacoa are tasty, and the green chile smothered burritos are fantastic.  Used to be about 5 tables, which was cool, but with success comes change, and now they can handle larger volume.  Try the corn cups!
  • Frasca: French Laundry meets Boulder.  Get reservations a month or more in advance, the place is really popular.  Extensive wine list, and the sommelier is from the French Laundry.
  • Dazzle: Denver's primary Jazz venue.  Don't talk during the performances if you are in the main room.  I learned that lesson the hard way — well, they handled it with grace — but, we moved where we could yap it up.
  • Sol: For those ladies who like to shop for lingerie, head to Cherry Creek North, and get some awesome service from ladies who can size your bras by sight.  Save up for this visit, guys.
  • Havana's: Personally, I'm not a huge cigar smoker, but when you want one (or while your wife/girlfriend/significant other is spending serious cash at Sol), Havana's is a great resource.  Cigar aficionados agree that this is *the* place in Denver.
  • Cherry Creek Grill: Part of a chain, but solid wine list (I think they have Napa connections as a result of the Rutherford Grill), and reliable food.  Used to be a better value, and you can definitely check out some serious cougar hunting going on.
  • 32nd and Lowell: Apparently, this intersection has a name now: Highlands Square.  The original Highlands neighborhood gentrification crossroads.  Great restaurants, great wine shop, and lots of activity not too far from downtown.  Try out Bang!, Mondo Vino (wine shop), Julia Blackbirds, Mead Street.
  • First Friday: If you happen to be in Denver on the first Friday of the month, you'll want to try art gallery hopping.  There are some great areas to check out — 44th & Tennyson, South Santa Fe, 32nd and Lowell, Golden Triangle.

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