2005 Orin-Swift The Prisoner

About two months ago, I listened to this podcast by thewineinsiders.com.  It included an interview with the winemaker behind "The Prisoner," which was my first introduction to this cult wine.

I've looked — though not very aggressively — for a bottle here in Denver since then, and last night I stumbled on it at the Cherry Creek Grill.  As a brief aside, it appears that the previous owners of this chain has been acquired by the Hillstone Restaurant Group.  But, they had the 2003 Fountainhead Cabernet, which a friend in Napa makes.

Anyway, while it was pricey by the glass, I wanted to try it.  My tasting notes (i.e., my memory)…

First, the pour was to big to get much nose qualities, and the glass itself wasn't really up to snuff.  Wide-rimmed glasses are lame, but I get it in a restaurant setting.

Wow, this is a big wine, and interestingly it covers most of the alcohol.  In a lot of big wines, you have the prominent alcohol tinge in your mouth.  Sticky in the mouth, this wine had a strong jammy, dried berries character.  I'm suspecting that since this wine is so young that a lot of the fruit-forward sweetness in the wine would reduce during the aging process.  Of course, that will take a long while for this wine.

But, since this is a blend, it turned out to be a lot more mellow than a straight Zinfandel.  Over the course of the glass, The Prisoner never overpowered, but kept delivering on the raisiny flavors.

I think I'll have to pick up a few bottles for special occasions, and maybe try to age it in a friend's cellar.

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