2005 Matua Pinot Noir

Trying to find a good value in Pinot Noir is difficult. While I'd judge the Matua less complex than other more expensive Pinots, this is a pretty great wine for the price. At about $13, you get the typical cherry nose — perhaps some vanilla — and some strawberry tastes.

Nose: Cherry, hint of vanilla
Mouth: Pretty light fruit, good strawberry up front, tannins at the tail, acid kicks in about 2/3 of the way through, and the wine builds in tartness after a glass or so
Color: Light red/purple, maybe looks like cranberry juice, little bit of browns
Legs: Medium width

Okay, drumroll…now for what the winemaker says

"An elegant and delicate wine style with tasty plum and wild cherry characters, that are well balanced with a hint of rose petal. Trim tannins and oak hints complete the wine with a touch of depth and richness."

Damn, this time it was oak and not vanilla — but lookie there, a hint.

Oh, reading the wine pro's article on Pinot leads me to remember that oak delivers that vanilla characteristic.

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