2004 Hedges CMS

Lately, I like to try blends — not that straight, single-grape wines are boring — but, I definitely can fall into a rut with the standard American single-grape siloed flavor profiles. Tonight, I picked up the 2004 Hedges CMS to go with our Pad Thai from Tommy's Thai. The CMS was smack in the middle of a Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc — not particularly acidic nor overly fruity. Interestingly, the acidity seemed to come out at the tail of a taste. Seemed to me like the wine was built to drink solo rather than as a food wine.

As I'm enjoying the pseudo blind tasting, here are my notes:

Nose: Oaky
Color: Straw
Flavors: Pear, Buttery

And, from the vineyard:
"Shining, pale gold color and aromas of citrus, gooseberry and pear, with hints of vanilla and
fig. On the palate the wine exhibits grapefruit, gooseberry and ripe pear flavors, with some
banana, herbal and vanilla notes. The mouth-feel is nicely viscous and is combined with crisp
acidity and a long, lingering finish. CMS White is perfect to enjoy with shellfish or as an
aperitif alone. " Link (PDF)

Hmm, I must have confused the vanilla with oak.

CMS = Chardonnay Marsanne Sauvignon Blanc

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